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Building Project Progress

In 2010, a building project known as the Faith Life Center was began at Camp Three Forks Trail. God has provided in tremendous ways for the finances of this building.  Because of the overall cost of the building, the Board of Trustees decided to complete the building in three different phases.  The first phase completed include prepping the land, installing a septic tank and well, and pouring the concrete foundation for the building.

The Faith Life Center saw rapid progress.  Wood trusts were delivered in the spring for construction that was to begin in early April 2012.  Most supporters of the camp would have never dreamed that by the middle of November, we would have a wood structure in place with the majority of Phase Two completed.  Phase Two was the largest part of three phase building project.  Phase Two included erecting a complete wood structure, building a loft storage area, installing  metal roof, placing all bathroom fixtures, running power to the building, running electrical work throughout the building, closing in the ceiling in the main area, installing light fixtures throughout, and painting throughout the building.  During seven months, most of these tasks were completed and we began to look forward to Phase Three of the building project.

Phase Three includes multiple things.  The framing and siding including installing windows and doors to enclose the rest of the building has been completed.  Window guards were donated and installed.  Painting was completed inside the building.  Heating and cooling units have been installed in the building. The floor has been coated with a sealant.  The building has been furnished with a sound system, a few tables, and chairs.  Sound boards have been hung to assist with the acoustics in the building.  A portable basketball goal has been purchased and is in the building. There are a few remaining items that need to be done.  The upstairs storage room will be divided into two rooms with a center hallway.  and lines will be painted for a half-court basketball court.

Click on the link below to see pictures of the construction process of the Faith Life Center.


A special thanks to the many individuals and churches who have given so generously towards the building project.  Maple Street Southern Methodist Church, upon its closing, gave a large sum of money towards the camps; a portion of this money was used in allowing us to complete Phase Two so quickly and we are therefore extremely grateful to those individuals and their heart to see the camp programs move forward.  We currently estimate that we have the funds available to complete the remainder of the work in the Faith Life Center.  As God has shown His love for us, we desire to continue to share that love with others through our ministry at Camp Three Forks Trail.

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